Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Eleven Months

What can I say? One more month and it will have been a year since he came right out of his temporary home within Christina. So much has happened and many things have changed. It seems so strange to look at him and think about the tiny little helpless baby he once was. So many times Christina or I will look at one another and say “Do you remember when…”

Do you remember how tiny he was when we first put him in the car-seat? It wasn’t built for a person that small. Now he barely fits in it, his feet sticking out pushing against the back seats.

Do you remember when he could barely sit up? He teetered until the slightest movement knocked him over. Now he can stand and hold himself steady or move about the room quick as a flash.

Do you remember when all he said was gee? Now he says mwhoooah and mamamamamamama and galioram and wakelicum.

Do you remember when he barely ate off the boob? That first night when we didn’t sleep and couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t and he just cried and cried. Now he almost sleeps through the night and will eat almost anything, depending on his mood of course.

Do you remember when he could barely open his eyes? The light of day seemed to be too much for his amoebic personality. Now he looks at everything, pointing it all out for you so that you understand that he can see.

That brings up an interesting incident that occurred a few days ago. I went to El Zarape with Lucas because I wanted to get their famous house burrito. After I ordered I went and collected a couple of containers of salsa. Lucas and I sit down and soon I’m thwarting his efforts to grab the salsa, which I put down on the table. After a couple minutes of this he grew tired and began looking at the colorful wall that contained the giant menu board. He was very interested in this one specific brick on the wall and he would point at it and look at me and say, ‘Ooooowooo.’ I responded by telling him that yes, it was indeed a brick. Then he began to point at my salsa and tell me once again with a rather intriguing sparkle in his eye ‘Ooowoo!’ Yes, you got it, that’s my salsa. But then he began to point outside and I couldn’t figure out what was so interesting out there. It seemed like he was pointing at a woman who had dark hair like Christina so I thought maybe that was it. I told him that he was right, she was like mama. Apparently I wasn’t getting it because he turned and pointed at the brick, then deliberately pointed at the salsa and finally pointed outside again. I turned and that’s when I spotted a sign outside that was painted red. He was showing me that all of these things were the same color; the red brick, the red salsa and the red sign! Then he began to point at a tile mosaic that was on the wall behind me. I lifted him up and he immediately pushed his finger on a clump of red tiles!

He’s a freakin’ genius!

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Monday, August 15, 2005

Intelligent Design

Rumsfeld, explaining the “threats” and why they are invisible and unidentifiable said: “There are things that we know. And then there are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know that we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know . . . That is, the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence . . . Simply because you do not have evidence that something exists does not mean that you have evidence that it doesn’t exist.”

It makes complete sense to me now. How can we possibly question these geniuses? Check out the link.

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