Thursday, January 29, 2004

This just in! The only weapon of mass destruction found in Iraq is the United States Military!

Apparently everything said by those who opposed the war was true. There were never any weapons of mass destruction and the United Nation's inspection process was doing it's job. Our soldiers have not been welcomed with open arms as liberators of the Iraqi people. A postwar occupation is proving far more costly in dollars and lives than the Bush Administration suggested, and they have no apparent idea of how we are going to get out of this mess. Reconstruction in Iraq is being handed over to friends of the Administration (Haliburton, Bechtel) with no-bid contracts while the capable Iraqi people are forced out of employment and reduced to accepting handouts from humanitarian aid.

And now it turns out that the pride of the Bush Administration and their "Go it alone!" mentality was not only negligent, as millions of people around the world warned during the build-up to war, but has also become criminal. The Bush Administration are not only Liars and Thieves, but Murderers as well. George Wmd Bush can now count himself among such despicable leaders, who used pre-emptive war under false pretenses, as Slobodan Milosevic, Adolph Hitler, and...oh yeah, Saddam Hussein.


Friday, January 23, 2004

"Radical change cannot be negotiated by governments; it can only be enforced by people. "

This speech points the anti-war, anti-empire, anti-poverty, anti-human rights agenda in the direction that it desperately needs to be pointed toward.

"Our resistance has to begin with a refusal to accept the legitimacy of the US occupation of Iraq. It means acting to make it materially impossible for Empire to achieve its aims. It means soldiers should refuse to fight, reservists should refuse to serve, workers should refuse to load ships and aircraft with weapons."

We have to stop expecting something out there to solve all of our problems for us. The world is in the situation that it is in because we have allowed it to become that way. We have to change it. That means we refuse to support the neoliberal agenda that is destroying so many people's lives. It won't be long before even us Amerikans are those people. Our tentative hold on stability is slowly dissolving. We must get out of debt! We must stop driving our dirty cars! We must only support agendas that focus on the sustainability of this planet that we live on! We must have a victory over violence right now, in our own lives!

"The Project for the New American Century seeks to perpetuate inequity and establish American hegemony at any price, even if it's apocalyptic. The World Social Forum demands justice and survival."

"For these reasons, we must consider ourselves at war."

The weapons exist to fight this war. They are our hearts and minds. They are our undefeatable spirit. They are our words and the actions we take in our everyday lives. They are compassion and courage and wisdom. They are our very lives.

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