Thursday, October 19, 2006

Carlos at the Bat

The outlook wasn't good for the Mighty Mets that day.
The score stood three to one with half an inning to play.

Molina's blast on top of the ninth set them to despair.
They were at the edge of elimination, it just wasn't fair!

But they might have a chance if they could just reach the top of the order.
Then Valentin gets a flare, Chavez a single and the crowd jumps with ardor.

Their Mets are still fighting and Wainwright's a rookie.
And Cliff Floyd's going to pinch hit, he's one tough cookie.

But then he whiffs, I guess the rookie's slider still has life.
And Reyes doesn't have a chance, is the end really in sight?

But look, in the batter's box, right behind LoDuca.
It's the mighty Carlos Beltran, his terrible swing ain't no fluke-a.

If they could just get another flare, a grounder with eyes.
Even a walk would do the trick, no opportunity will be minimized.

And sure enough he walks, the bases are loaded!
Mighty Carlos strides to the plate and 50,000 hearts get bloated.

Wainwright looks in, did I tell you he's only a rookie?
From the left Carlos gets ready, you know he won't be looking.

Everyone's on their feet, the sky is electric blue.
Then Carlos finds himself behind not only one strike, but two.

The crowd falls to a hush, shouts turn to whispers.
Mighty Carlos can't fail, he's not the disease, he's the cure.

Then the rookie looks in, checks the runners and lets fly.
Everyone waits with anticipation, the tension is high.
And the lifelong Mets fans simply want to cry.
Because Carlos, their hero, who was supposed to bid the Cardinals goodbye.
Mighty Carlos, the man they could always count on to at least try.
Simply let a wicked slider go right by.

Somewhere, someone is cheering, somehwere a city shouts.
Maybe in St. Louis because in New York...the Mighty Carlos has struck out.


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