Friday, December 10, 2004

Zombie Heart

What can I do as I watch and wait and wane?
Tomorrow may fill the soul with love,
But Today I can only anticipate
What tomorrow may bring.
Feverishly I try to live and
Connect to the transitory that exists in the moment,
To the passion that pours forth
Amongst these weeds of despair
Tugging at the friable lines of my heart.

Golden, she loves.
What else does she know?
What else can she give to me
Within the beat everlast,
Within this distinct instant in time
Where she has settled.

Beyond the shadows that befall mortals,
From the break of frosted sunlight,
To the warm glowing bend of the silver orb.
Alight, her eyes will raise
This Zombie heart from its earthen grave.
Sighing in the soft rustle beneath leaves
Pursuing the soul that is today.

And yet, the future looms near
As I wax and feel and learn,
As my heart languidly undecays
And softens, dripping now,
Saturated with hope and beauty and love.


This is a poem I wrote in June of 2000. I was trying to express my love for the woman of my dreams during a terribly difficult time in our relationship. When xtina found it recently and showed it to me, I read it and discovered that some of it was so obscure that I had no idea what I was trying to say. Then I remembered why I wrote it and what I was attempting to do at the time. This is updated and polished.



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