Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Memories #1

Wye Oak - Shriek

Remember when we would dress up like rockers? Maybe for Halloween or a costume party. It usually began when we were hitting middle school, our early teens when we were trying to figure out our place in the world. This brought along various rebellions and for many of us the most edgy thing in our lives was rock music and the rock stars that made it. So we painted our faces and mussed our hair and ripped our clothes and went out our doors different than before, hoping that it would make our hearts strong enough to deal with all the growing that we had to do. Some of us continued on with this look, becoming punks or goths or whatever wasn't accepted by our society. Some of us actually decided to make music too, trying to produce the same energy that we felt when we listened and looked at those rockers from our youth. That's ultimately what it was all about anyway. We needed to feel that energy, hold it, if only for a moment. We saw Wye Oak earlier this year at the Belly Up, here in San Diego, and I was totally surprised how these two musicians don't look like rockers. But when you hear their music, it's pretty obvious that they can rock. Appearances can be deceiving. I called them music geeks and they put on quite a performance. I don't care about looking like someone else anymore. I'm long past that now but I still love the energy in music, especially the kind that's found in the true heart of the creative spirit, the kind that we felt in youth when we all wanted to shriek.

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