Saturday, January 26, 2008

M&M #5

Portugal. The Man – Church Mouth (2007)

Wake up, see the sun shining down hard and dense, burning intense like a wicked hot-spot on your retina. You go blind and all that's left is the sound leaving your ears at a blistering rate. Juke-box dreams fade and this heavy rock sound guides you through the darkness, into the night and beyond the animation that fills your brain like ancient movies, sunday morning cartoons, wide-eyed nymphs and ghoulish ghouls intermingle with the voice of God that pierces all other senses until only the void remains. Soft, you hear it rising in the distance and you open to the blankness and like a silver needle threading through the synapses of your brain, you see for the first time...the sun rising and your vision comes back to you with a new awareness. Complete.

Children Of Men – Alfonso Cuaron (2006)

The world is bleak, the youngest person alive is eighteen and he's just been murdered by vicious celebrity, there is nowhere for the human race to go but into the vast reaches of anonymity. One man, whose life is fading with apathy reconnects with his past and discovers that there may be more to humanity's future, just as long as it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Addressing many of the issues that we are facing today, this not-too-distant futuristic movie expresses itself effortlessly. Immigration, terrorism, globalization, the slow destruction of the planet and humanity is revealed through the lens of a gifted artist. Children Of Men is a great film and should be watched by anyone who cares about the future.. It also has one of the most amazing hand-held single frame sequences that I've ever seen.

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