Thursday, January 24, 2008

M&M #7

John Vanderslice – Emerald City (2007)

An album that came from frustration due to failed attempts to obtain a visa for his French girlfriend, John Vanderslice comments on the state of American policies in a post Sept.11 world. Rather dark at times but filled with poetic musings that we all are experiencing, it didn't take long for his music to sink in and tug at my human core. Loss and love, life and death are flowing through the pleasant chords and the swarm of his tone settles into your brain and pleads for a new vision. We are all feeling the ache of the destruction that occurred from that terrible day in September, more so since the Bush administration walloped us over the head. It's been over seven years since that fateful day and this album sums up the long twisted road we've traveled as a nation.

The Battle Of Algiers – Gillo Pontecorvo (1966)

Filmed shortly after Algiers gained their independence from France and using those who were pivotal in the initial resistance, this movie is a testimony to what it truly means to fight for freedom and liberty. Shot in the streets of Algiers with a realistic and objective style, this movie is amazing. So real that I felt like I was witnessing exactly how it went down. From the interrogation efforts that approved of torture by the French military leaders (hmmm sound familiar) down to the cell-structure resistance movement that was eventually crushed (but ultimately inspired the people of Algiers to unite), I felt like we were watching a modern day military campaign and it represented the foolishness of America's war on terror. We can never β€œwin” a campaign that tries to impose a western style culture in the Middle East. We must allow the people of the region to speak with their own voice, without the threat of the military shrouding over their heads. An incredible film that questions the imperial order of nations that's completely relevant today as it was in the 1960's.

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