Thursday, January 17, 2008

M&M #13

Justice – Cross (2007)

Justice is this crazy dance beat euro house music and I don't know what to make of it. Super-tight and grinding down through your bones, Justice communicates through the dance floor and that's the only place where you can truly understand what they are trying to do. Their album is simply a cross symbol, which obviously evokes a certain milieu that is recognizable in most culture around the world...but are they Christian? Their lyrics are about partying and drinking and having fun, which goes against the Christianity that I grew up with. But Xtina tells me that there is this sub-culture of youth that party hard and quote the scripture constantly. Weird. Any way that you look at it, this album friggin rocks! and will make your toes tap.

Head On – Fatih Akin (2004)

A deeply humanistic love story about two Turkish immigrants living in Hamburg. Both are damaged in some way when they find one another. Cahit is extremely depressed due to the death of his wife and tries to kill himself. After he ends up in the hospital he runs into Sibel who also attempted suicide because of her circumstances at home. She's a wild spirit and cannot deal with the burden of oppression from her father and brothers (apparently a common theme in our world today). She and Cahit form a mutual agreement marriage of convenience that will hopefully get them out from under their terrible situations. Eventually they fall for each other and that's when their passion for life comes storming out in full force. After Cahit is sent to prison for murdering one of Sibel's ex-lovers, Sibel flees to Turkey knowing that her brothers would rather kill her than be shamed by her actions. In Turkey Sibel cannot escape her past and becomes increasingly destructive until she's left on the streets for dead. Many years later, once Cahit is released from prison, he seeks Sibel out in Turkey at a chance for salvation in love, but Sibel has finally found a sense of peace. Will their previous passion change everything once again?

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