Sunday, January 06, 2008

M&M #22

Visioneers – Dirty Old Hip Hop (2006)

Connect to the retro and feel the soulful joy bounce around your mind. This is Marc Mac's fusion of good old hip hop and jazz, deep phat beats that glow endlessly and groove beneath your feet. He takes his time to cherish some of the old soul sounds of the seventies mixed with the funk of the great early DJ's from the eighties and drops them down with horns and bass lines from generations ago. This sound blends with a poetic era that burrows into dim clubs down dark side streets with only a flash of sign to guide you into the heat of mixed-up madness. 'Replay' the first song of the album grooves with perfection accompanied by the soft beauty of Voice and is an absolutely flawless way to start 2008 by remembering what was so great about 2007.

Sophie Scholl: The Final Days – Marc Rothemund (2005)

A true story, this movie follows the last six days of Sophie's life after she, her brother and some friends are arrested for distributing leaflets criticizing the policies of the Nazi regime in early 1943. The group is quickly convicted and sentenced to death. It's a poignant tale about the affect of intolerance on society and the efforts of a few people who believe in the right of human beings to live freely. It's difficult to watch from the perspective that we all have today regarding the Nazi reign of evil that existed only half a century ago. To hear the words of Sophie and her companions as they try to combat the hatred of their captors, it's all very obvious that injustice is happening right before our eyes. But they were summarily executed for their “treason” and the Nazis thrived for decades in Europe. While we sit on our high horse and watch from a distance, governments around the world today are enacting similar policies against their populace and the Nazi heritage of hate continues to guide the minds of many. This German film is a cautionary tale to remind us of what will happen if we don't speak out while we still can.

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