Saturday, January 05, 2008

M&M #23

Regina Spektor – Begin To Hope (2006)

When I was a young pre-teen I always had this fond affinity for pop bands like The Go Go's, Quarterflash, Berlin and Missing Persons. Since the musical influences in my environment never went beyond mainstream Top 40 hits, it wasn't until I reached high school a few years later that the world of music opened to a broader and wider range of styles. Now that I'm older and have discovered amazing varieties of musical creativity, I am attaining a new complex wonder for this faceted and diverse medium. Yet, at times I still find that I'm drawn to this light pop music and the song of the siren touching my heart with its sweet beauty. Regina Spektor melds perfectly in modern kinship with those voices from my youth.

Diggers – Katherine Dieckmann (2006)

Diggers is about a time when a family owned enterprise still held a certain charm and hope but was increasingly being swallowed up in the massive tide of corporate consumption. It's about a group of family and friends who lose their patriarch and suddenly have to grow up and become adults (Oh...a theme that everyone can relate to). Most of them are miserable in their own ways and can't wait to get out from under the weight of the lives that their parents built for them but when that finally happens, they really don't know what kind of lives they actually want for themselves. They fuck around, fight and get wasted most of the time. Eventually they realize that it's impossible to stop the overwhelming tide of progress without a deep passionate motivation and since a life of digging up clams wasn't their dream, they decide that they should focus on the things that do bring passion into their lives. This movie is a sweet homage to our parent's generation.

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