Tuesday, January 15, 2008

M&M #15

Trentemoller – The Last Resort (2006)

It's called minimalist techno dub. I remember when techno hit the cultural conscious like I bad habit and I didn't know what to make of it. I was deeply entrenched in the Pixies revolution adopted by Nirvana and Pearl Jam and all the other bands that followed the swell surging forth from the late eighties. Eventually, as it is with any Genre of music, art, culture, I discovered that there were those who were making amazing digital music and that this new form wasn't going to fade away like disco. Trentemoller is one of those artists that have their finger on my pulse, a slow current under the umbilicus feeding me oxygen when I need it. This guy just gets my nature and like certain stars, this music perfectly aligns in my universe.

Idiocracy – Mike Judge (2006)

This movie is scary given our current state of affairs in amerika, but it's absolutely hilarious as well. I didn't know whether I should laugh at how terrified I was or sell my house, buy some property out in the middle of nowhere, learn how to live off the land, and completely disregard this ridiculous country before it's too late. Mike Judge takes every aspect of our culture that is embraced by the lowest common denominator and amplifies it umpteenth degrees until we are swallowed by the twilight zone appeal of this incredible movie. He fucks with everybody, so it's no wonder that this movie wasn't widely released. Although I guarantee that it will eventually become a cult hit and in the future we may find ourselves going to twenty-year anniversary re-released versions of this movie just to see how close we've come to fulfilling Judge's disturbing vision.

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