Sunday, January 27, 2008

M&M #4

Ursula Rucker – Ma'At Mama (2006)

Ursula Rucker really knocked my socks off with this one. Soulful poetry over sweet hip-hop beats with a voice that's as effortless as time, soft as a songbird in your ear. But what I most enjoyed was how she transported me outside my own skin. She helped me understand the importance of a just and righteous view on life, not simply because of the fact of racial but gender inequality as well. It's so easy in our society to objectify women and look past their humanity, actually that's pretty much normal, and as a fortunate white man sometimes I find myself falling into complacency regarding issues of difference. That's impossible while listening to this album. You become keenly aware of the social injustice rampant throughout our way of life, but she doesn't accuse or offend or demean your efforts. She places these issues before you with such beauty and grace and passion that you'd have to be an ignorant asshole to completely ignore what is happening everyday all around us.

Finding Neverland – Marc Foster (2004)

What an amazingly humanistic film. I remember when this movie was out in the theaters, it had all of the elements of a film that usually pushes me forth into the night itching to grab a seat; fantasy, creativity, Johnny Depp, Kate Winslet. So I don't understand why it took so long for us to watch it. I absolutely adored this movie. A portrayal of a human being with such a broad imagination with a desire to connect with the child inside. Told with a warm creative vision, I was pulled into the magic that trailed across the screen from opening credits to closing song. I'm so glad that the film community in general and society embraced this movie because we don't see enough of these films getting recognition and awards and selling tickets at the box office. I hope that all who spent time in the darkness with this engrossing tale truly appreciate how much their lives were enriched.

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