Monday, February 05, 2007

7: The Coup - Pick A Bigger Weapon

Is the verse still a weapon to be reckoned with? The Coup seems to believe that it still has power to create devastating change. Even though music is more accessible than ever it's almost like it has less of an impact on people. We're constantly moving and shaking and buying in order to get the next big sound before it even has a chance to settle into our conscience. Whether or not it is trying to affect the way we look at the world or actually change what is happening is less important than whether or not we discover a hit so that we may stamp ourselves with coolness. Instant downloads and bootlegs of the new mega-album from the next-hugest-band-ever before it even has a chance to hit the airways has invaded our music psyche.

But, still, words have power and they always will because they have the ability to communicate. If we take the time to allow them to sink beneath our skin and percolate into our nervous system and bloat our organic consciousness then we begin to feel the power of art, the way it can change you and make you see through new eyes, feel it as only you know how...not the way those damn corporados wish to make you feel. That's the power of art, poetry and music. That's the power of the verse.



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