Monday, January 29, 2007

13: Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude

This was the surprise find of the year. Wandering grungy Newport Avenue of Ocean Beach, I happened upon a small music shop (which I can not recall the name of right now, sorry). When there is used music nearby the temptation grips me and I have to wander the aisles and peruse. OB is this fabulous city in San Diego that still seems to have an individualistic flair about it, non-corporate attitude abounds, so it is extremely amusing to simply wander and look at all the shops. Yet, out of all the times we've made our way westward, I had never visited this music shop before (crazy!). I did a quick scan of the bins because I felt a little rushed since my family continued to wander up the road. To my surprise I saw this Pepe Deluxe album from a couple of years back. I have an even older album of theirs and even though I thought it was pretty good, I never imagined that I'd get something else by them. Anyway, I saw this album and I initially decided that I wasn't going to buy it for that very reason. I left the store and quickly caught up with Xtina in The Black and she enthusiastically asked me if I found any good music. Her euphoric nature and beauty swept me away and I thought to myself, "maybe I should buy that Pepe Deluxe disc." So I told her all about the album and she told me to go back over there and buy it right then and there.

Well that's exactly what I did and I'm dern glad about it now because this album is fucking good.



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