Saturday, January 20, 2007

19: Tapes N Tapes - The Loon

These guys are one of those bands that are constantly being compared to all the great rock bands from the past. They're a newer version of Pavement or Modest Mouse or The Pixies or whatever. All bands that delve into the music that evolved up from the earth are trying to create art that reflects who they are. Sometimes they fail miserably most likely because they don't remain true to their core being, but every so often we hear a band whose music simply feels genuine. Sure it may have elements that we recall from the past but that has always been a reality with rock music tracing back to the black heart of the nation. But the true artists somehow tap into the special demons of rock that tug deep at our loins and make us want to howl, while also climbing up above the reverie to create music that is unique and authentic. Perhaps that is why Tapes N Tapes is an extraordinary band.



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