Sunday, January 21, 2007

18: Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That

I really dig Phoenix's funk-rock sound. When we first heard them a couple of years back Xtina made the claim that they sounded like a bad Jamiroquai. As it turned out, after listening awhile, they are much better than the man made famous because of a hat. The funkadelic groove is the very thing that seperates them from all the other boring garage-pop-rock quartets inundating the airwaves across college radio land these days. Without it they very easily may have been glossed over with barely a nod in their direction. Then as the melodies descend into our ears we are greeted by Thomas Mars' gentle voice. He doesn't shout or demand our attention but simply goes about his business flowing with the general artistry of their music. This band has gradually become a staple in our humble abode and I never hesitate to proclaim my allegiance toward them.



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