Thursday, January 25, 2007

15: Jel - Soft Money

"Don't buy this product. You don't need it. If this picture wasn't pretty then you wouldn't see it."

Ah, yes, such words of wisdom. With these words we delve right into the masterful music of Jel. A random purchase at the local music store listening station has turned out to be one of the best albums of the past year. Not too long ago, when I met my lovely wife she introduced me to the wonders of phat beats. Growing up in my over privileged life I failed to venture into the world of grooviliciousness, forever stuck in my isolated honkeyness. But here was this fabulous woman helping me see the wonder in all the world's music and my eyes and ears began to overcome my borders. So, now, when I hear the groove rise through headphones I recognize the inherent genius behind a master at work.

Fortunately for us Jel also has a knack for connecting with us in many ways. Poilitically, culturally, humorously, and ironically. He paints a picture about our capitalistic and fatal culture that really isn't that pretty, but when the voice makes its way into our ears we definitely need to see the message trying to reach our hearts. We need to buy it. We need to invest in it. Our souls are depending on it.



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