Wednesday, January 31, 2007

10: Mono - You Are There

Mono creates music of the earth, of nature, of our world and all its aspects. With slow melody it hums and vibrates up through the ground. The distance is inconceivable but like a tsunami you sense its destructive nature coming for you. That hum will soon grow into a rumble and it unsettles something deep inside you. There's nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from its hideous wrath. The rumble evolves into a tremor shaking the dust from inside your ears. Then the tremor becomes an earthquake shattering your foundation, bucking and rocking like an enraged bronco beast. The clouds form overhead and the heavens open up and shout down at you. Chaos forms with the almighty universe and upends the fabric of nature until she shrieks indelibly in your ear until you feel that you'll either fall away into madness or open your heart to love. Her weapon becomes a caress even faster than the destruction before it and she reminds you of the beauty there is to offer. You settle down into a new existence while your body echoes and regurgitates ecstatic reprieve. Every pore tingles and releases its special gas. Your head falls on the pillow offered for it and have become an integral part of nature, leaving all thoughts of human needs behind. You have reached precious enlightenment.



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