Thursday, April 29, 2010

27 Months (parte deux)

Quinn has reached that stage in life where she suddenly understands that she doesn't have to take anymore shit from her brother.

Being the younger sibling has the inevitable consequences of accepting all of the hand-me-downs from the older brothers or sisters. That doesn't simply mean that they get all of the partially worn clothes or cracked plastic toys or mangy blankets. It also means that when they play together, Quinnita must deal with having all of the lower quality items. Until now it hasn't been much of a problem because Quinn mostly just wanted to play with Lucas as much as possible. But slowly and astutely she is becoming more and more aware of the reasons that Lucas is so free to hand over a particular toy.

For the longest time Xtimu and I have tried to make sure that Lucas doesn't just take whatever he wants from people. Politeness is a requirement growing up in this household. "Will you please give me..." or "May I please have..." are two acceptable phrases when asking for something. Lucas thoroughly understands our stance on this and for the most part follows the protocol but he also really doesn't like to have something that, according to his reasoning, is of lower quality than whatever else might substitute for said item. So he has designed sneaky and very specific ways of acquiring the more desired item. For example regular ole Lightning McQueen is much better than dirt-racer Lightning McQueen. I don't really know why but what that means is that Lucas will find a way for Quinn that means that she gets stuck with the dirt-racer model 99% of the time, the 1% only being those few precious minutes when Lucas is distracted.

Oh yes, this is what it has come down to in CasaWex, the dreaded Lightning McQueen debate. It's a toss-up between Dinaco Lightning McQueen (or the blue one), Rusteeze Lightning McQueen (the red one) and dirt-racer Lightning McQueen (also red but with a brown dirt color on the bottom instead of gray). The important thing to understand is that they are all the exact same car except for few color quirks of difference between them. Which one is the best? How the hell should I know? All I know is that when I play with one of them, it doesn't matter which one, they all feel and act the same.

The thing with children is that they don't really know how to hide their egos. As we grow it's a part of our nature that we either learn to control it or just let it overpower everything. In the first case our behavior allows us to interact with others, developing relationships based on respect. The second case often leads to loneliness, conflict with others, which can result in horrifying injury or death, and if you have enough privilege on your side, it may also lead to supreme power. Either way there is a distinct division between the types of human beings who've learned to control their egos and all the other assholes in the world, those children who never learned to share. Some children naturally are better at sharing than others but so far Lucas is at an age where allowing someone else access to his stuff is paramount to psychological torture, even when that person is his own sister.

Quinn must now deal with that ego. She's not one to back down once she gets her mind set, either. Lucas is in for a difficult ride if he thinks that he is going to control this little gal. I guess that's why he's already resorting to mind games in order to have superior power over her but I don't think that's going to last much longer anyway, either. Quinn has a magical awareness already and there are many moments when I am startled by some of the things she seems to understand. I had a feeling that it wouldn't take long for her to start holding her own when it comes to childhood interactions with that brother of hers. The thing that Lucas needs to understand is that Quinn actually really likes to play with him at this point. She loves him as an older brother. He should embrace that energy and use it so that he will always have an ally by his side throughout life. Quinn is very loyal in this way and that's just another aspect of her nature that I really appreciate.

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