Saturday, February 20, 2010


Did you know that Love causes a physiological reaction in the human body? That the mind of a person pushes forth when a surge of Love enters the mainframe? Were you aware that the simple essence of a caress at the base of the neck will fill the brain with enough endorphins to create new life? That drugs are forever trying to simulate these sensations?

The reason that I mention these strange phenomenon to you is simply because I think that it's enlightening to discover the foundation for what we have when we are together. It gives me great joy to understand that there is a reason for the way that I feel when I'm with you. That it can be so thoroughly and wonderfully explained in this life. I find comfort in that truth, just as I find comfort when I look into your eyes and you show me another truth. I truly appreciate the wonders of our physical connection, just as I yearn for the dream that envelops us when you take me into your arms.

None of this may be new to you, or to me, but it will always be electric, reflecting the connection that we have. We are conductors for each other, shining a light forward onto each other's path. We are supports that anchor us with strength that forms into a cohesive combination of unlimited power and potential. We have a new hope with each rising sun that brings us together again, folding upon one another with the breath of each day that feeds our lifelines.

It's magical, isn't it? To grow up together within such a framework of happiness? It's physiologically imperative that we continue to give each other such wonderful gifts. They bring smiles and laughter and hugs and endearment and forever and hope and desire and pleasure and lust and comfort. To cherish something as divine as the warmth of your hand is more powerful than any self-help guru because it gives without asking and it nurtures. It's constantly evolving into new shapes and dreams. It's Love and every time you give it to me, I never feel the same again.

(Valentines Day 2010)

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