Friday, March 05, 2010

65 Months

(photo courtesy of Rick A. Munoz)

There are moments, tiny ones that linger and big ones that are meant to have purpose. These moments turn into memories. They become the residue that your soul has accumulated, that covers you with warmth. As each day becomes another, the wealth of memories grow even thicker. We become fat with them, so much so that our bodies begin to struggle with the burden, often causing strange occurrences, such as hair loss or nagging pains that seem to come from inside the bones. For me, the thickening years (as I like to call them) are the most pleasant because most of my memories come from the time I spend with my family. These precious moments make me feel good about my life. They show me that deep inside the heat of every day, of every passionate feeling that explodes out of us, we can still appreciate the love that is all around us.

Each and every person has the gift of that appreciation already buried within their lives. All it takes is for each of us to reach for it, to change that which we hold sacred. I want to give power to that appreciation, to have a revolution inside my own heart. I need to recognize that my own actions are the most powerful of all and that if I truly want the world to be more divine, then I have to bring my most supreme self to the table. One that isn't arrogant or greedy or self-righteous, that doesn't allow hatred to even extend a hand with greeting.

I have to...because feeling so good about life is a most splendid and wonderful gift.

Lucas has that appreciation. So does his sister and his mom. So do Nanna and Nonno, Pops and Grandma Lala. So does everyone I see every day that I see them. It's important to remember that because I want every one of those people to feel that appreciation. I want everyone that I know and love to feel it. I want Christina to feel it and Quinn and Lucas. But they appreciate so much already, laughter and delight often crossing their lips. They love so much and they're big and open, willing to cherish you with every tear. To look at them is to understand that our human revolution happens in each and every moment. It is happening right now.

It happens when my son rides his bike for the first time. It's the classic moment, right, the big one that everyone knows will big. To take the training wheels off and wobble into childhood. There is magic in my life because I have that memory. Lucas is a beautiful and gifted human being. This is how he explained it to me, "It was my third ear that helped me." He remembers everything. He hugs the world around him and pulls it close to his heart. He has a tremendous ability to focus with determination but also to take the time to do it at his own pace, the one that gives him the most comfort, without hesitating to remind you in case you've forgotten that aspect of his personality. He is intelligent and strong-willed. It's a powerful force that surges on the smiling face of a five-year-old to wash over your own and hand over that smile like a gift.

We have the ability to create a place where memories like this are painting the canvas, giving us the strength to believe in a divine existence. They are moments that are so all-encompassing and worthwhile that we don't even question the validity of love. We just feel it blooming out of our chests. We can look at the world around us and notice the beauty in everything that we see. The potential for accomplishing that feat exists out there in this world because it exists within each of us, within this very moment. To look inward and see the bright blast of power hidden right in your heart. A blast that has the power to consume all the hate that shadows near the edges. It will turn our lives into powerful outlets, which will then turn the world around us into a most harmonious place.

And it's all within this tiny moment...whatever, wherever it may be.

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