Sunday, February 21, 2010

Reflection Pond #4

Milosh - iii (2008)

Milosh grooves right through with a sweet serenade, lofty and precious. His music swirls around a sense of peace and serenity so that you feel eternally good inside. If the world began to listen to Milosh on a regular basis, I truly believe that the strength of the heart would overtake all of the anger and depression that has plagued this planet. The inherent nature of the universe is compassion and when I listen to this album I feel that insight. Though we have tragic occurrences that happen everyday, life continues to strive forth with eager determination. The essence of life is built on creating a quality and effective existence focused on the happiness of everybody. This is at the heart of Milosh's music, with such a beautiful sound to settle the red in your life. Take a moment and settle down, take a moment and look around at the wonder in your life, take a moment to cherish the essential nature of the universe that wants to embrace life. We have the ability to truly affect our lives in positive ways. There's an ancient Native-American proverb that says, "Inside each of us, there are two types of wolves. There's an evil wolf and a good wolf. Both wolves are hungry. Your life will reflect which wolf you choose to feed." So pop in Milosh's third album and meditate on the good wolf inside.

Man On Wire - James Marsh (2008)

The quality of the documentary is evolving in wondrous ways and Man On Wire is at the peak of storytelling. Part adventure tale, part mystery, part passionate dreamer, this movie kept us on the edge of our seats. From the imagination of one man, the image of the twin towers never seemed so magical. Our perspective on this view of the skyline in New York has been dramatically changed since the attacks on Sept. 11th, 2001, but Philippe Petit takes us back to the initial dream of those two towers and to his dream to attack them in his own right just as they were being built. In 1974, as the buildings were reaching fruition, Petit and his accomplices planned to climb to the summit and put a wire across the gap between the buildings so that he could walk the tight-rope. In a variety of ways and through ingenious methods, tripping along the path occasionally, Petit accomplished his feat on August 7 of that year. He stood on the world and for forty minutes, no one could bring him down. Man On Wire is a beautiful expression of the nature of humanity, to boldly express itself through creative vision. Petit's art was of the body, the way that he could tight-walk a line with delicacy and magic. Watching this movie filled my heart with appreciation for my fellow human beings. May we all learn to live so vibrantly and walk on the top of the world.

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Blogger Mike Milosh said...

very nice thanks!

10:54 PM  
Blogger Rick said...

God, I love Milosh. Thanks for bringing them into my world, Wade-o!

12:42 AM  

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