Thursday, May 07, 2009

55 Months

Lucas the violinist continues.

Lucas' Violin Lesson from RAMunoz on Vimeo.

It's such a delight to watch him develop. He's only been practicing since last September and in a matter of a few months he already has a tremendous foundation of music in his life. I'm so happy for him. I hope that he loves to play and that as he grows, his musical appreciation will grow with him. It's not something that he must do. It is only important for us to know that the incredible beauty of music is one of the roots that ground him to his life. I want him to know that the creative spirit that thrives in the dignity of humanity is boundless and when I watch this video, I can be witness to that truth.

My violin development is going along as well, although not as diligently or as confidently. It's intriguing to observe the structure of music. It's very linear and logical. It's a form of math with the way that we convey it in language. So that part is very easy for me to understand but there's also a tenor within the waves of sound that can't be explained. You can only hear it and try to express your own personal form of it through sound. I always believed that it was a strange and magical entity but until now I never felt that in my heart. I am now journeying down that path and I hope that it will help me grow for the rest of my life.

Quinn and Xtimu are next. One day I imagine we'll give impromptu concerts in our living room or out in the open under the stars. It'll be a family affair and that's what I want my life to be about.

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