Saturday, March 21, 2009

14 Months (the second)

It's such a strange twist when your child suddenly stands up on two legs and starts walking around. It took some time for Quinn. It appeared that she thoroughly examined the issue before setting sail on that wonderful voyage on the biped ship, like she was waiting for the exact moment to cause the most damage. Does she ever love it! Scrambling around here and there on her unsteady gait, chasing after Xtimu's skirt-tails and my rolled cuffs with enthusiastic vigor and standing up tall next to Lucas whenever she can. This girl was born to walk and jump and scream and love. She is a wonderful delight and such a pure presence in our home.

I was a bit surprised that it took so long for her to walk. If you would have asked me six months ago to put a wager on whether she would walk before Lucas, the slap of my money would've been heard loud and clear. Quinn doesn't let anyone hold her back. She doesn't even hold herself back most of the time. For instance, our little one has already conquered the ladder and slide at our favorite park. She actually climbs up the six foot ladder by herself and trundles over to the slide and hurtles herself off into optimum gravitational bliss. Both Xtimu and I stay close so that she doesn't kill herself of course but if we weren't there she wouldn't miss a beat. Now, usually she'll approach the entrance to the slide and plop down on her behind so that she can slide right down like most normal people but this one day, as her wonderful parents were preparing to position themselves for the best catching vantage point, Quinn went down on her knees, launched forward like she was diving into a swimming pool and slid face first down the slide on her belly before either one of us could even think about grabbing her. Somehow she managed not to shoot off at the bottom and mangle her face. My heart was in my throat for a few seconds until we were sure that she was going to be allright. I thought to myself, "Okay, just get used to it old buddy because, by the look of the smile on her face, she loves doing things like that."

It's so funny watching them move around at this age. They walk around like little leprechauns and I often find myself catching her tiny frame in the corner of my eye. I'll turn and watch her meander around the corner with such fragile confidence and can't help but smile. Their magnificent growth just makes you feel the wonder of human endeavor. If we approached our lives the way that these kids embrace their lives, the world would be an amazing place. The love pounds so steadily in your chest and all that you want to do is go over and scoop them up and smother them with as much affection as possible. That's what I like to do at that moment, anyway.

I think Lucas really likes that Quinn is getting more confident in how she chases after him, as well. He used to grab her when she wasn't moving fast enough for him and drag her around the house. It wasn't the most thoughtful thing to do and would infuriate both Xtimu and me. It's been a long while since he's done something like that and Quinn is an eager pupil. She wants Lucas to teach her stuff (can be both good and bad) and she wants him to be her best friend, but she doesn't put up with any crap either. Some mornings Xtimu and I will lie and bed and listen to the two of them in the other room, talking and playing and Quinn will put her foot down if she doesn't like what Lucas is doing. She has a forceful way of telling you what she wants. It's just another lovely part of her nature, just like her mom and in the same way, she's just as adorable.

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