Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rewind #7

Bill Evans Trio: Waltz For Debby (1961)

What can I say about Bill Evans. Never heard of him until Xtimu begs me to find some of his stuff. Now, everywhere I turn, I'm reading about him in novels or hearing comparisons to greatness or simply learning more from the sound of his music. What beauty resides through the air when Waltz For Debbie dances. I can't shower enough praise on this amazing album. My father often would listen to jazz stations when I was a little boy and, though much of it was the lifeless maneuverings of techno-glitz freedom found in the eighties, there were moments when a show would delve into the genius madness of Coltrane and Monk. I was so reluctant to embrace this new sound but I'm sad to think that I may have missed the type of beautiful aura embodying the Bill Evans Trio circa 1960. Well, over forty years later, it has now entered our conscious awareness and the love that accompanies it lifts us to such great heights. As with so many great artists from time ago, we are so fortunate to have the avenues of discovery available to us in this modern life. We can learn so much and devour such beauty in the heart of life's greatest composers.

There Will Be Blood: Paul Thomas Anderson (2007)

The movie (which won't be named here at this time as it doesn't deserve any more attention) that we watched directly before seeing PTA's There Will Be Blood was a unique film that had an interesting concept with a seemingly powerful story but turned out to be total shite. Simply because the people who made the movie had no concept on how to create a visual wonder for the audience. You won't have that problem when it comes to a PTA film. There may be annoying intricacies that grate on some viewers nerves and I don't begrudge anyone that truth, but no one out there can say that he doesn't know how to make a movie. The guy is a cinematic genius. Take Blood for example, it's a film about a complete megalomaniac who has absolutely no endearing qualities whatsoever. He strives toward one purposeful goal, to make more money and have more power than anyone else and damn those who will stand in his way. He's played by Daniel Day Lewis who brings this character to life in all its magnificence. It's a brilliant study and visually unmatched in it's grandeur. It's incredible to just watch the camera pull the audience into this beautiful and harsh world. It's the complete opposite of the movie we saw before it, doesn't have a typical story that we normally follow or an idea that could initially be considered dull. But instead it's captivating and engrossing and beautiful and the only reason for it is due to the people who made it. They are true cinematic masters.

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