Friday, February 09, 2007

4: Joy Zipper - The Heartlight Set

I was given this album on New Year's Day at 12:01 in the morning and I still haven't stopped listening to them for over a year now. Two years ago we discovered Joy Zipper with American Whip (Dosed and Became Invisible is still the coolest song ever by the way) and for the past two years they have become one of our favorite bands. They have that psychedelic pop sound made famous decades ago and you don't have to look too far on the radio dial to find it, but here's the problem. No one has these precious skills. I put Joy Zipper on the Pandora station and wait for a magnificent array of beautiful music to descend upon me, but nothing comes out except crappy mainstream bullshit that doesn't deserve the gutter where they eventually find themselves. And I'm thinking, "Are there truly no other bands that can make wonderful music like this?"

Apparently not.

There's just something good about Joy Zipper.



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