Saturday, July 02, 2005

Nine Months

A sandy wisp tangles behind his ear as he stares at me with anime eyes. I can’t imagine anything more precious. A broad smile spreads on his face and, with a flap of his wings, he’s on his way across the room. He navigates through treacherous water filled with discarded (and possibly de-activated) mines (toys). These evil weapons have often damaged the underside of my personal vehicle (feet) in my attempts to traverse the dangerous channel, but he seems to have an understanding of the unique placement of each obstacle easily making his way to the other side. Here he finds a new treasure worthy of exploration and with a heave-and-a-ho he pulls himself up to its level. The face of a future vision (DVD) holds his attention until the voice of reason descends upon him.

“Lucas, no touch.” I say when I finally notice what he’s gotten into. “That’s not for you.”

He turns to me with an inquisitive look, slowly processes the orders. With a final glance at this strange nemesis that he’s not allowed to confront he turns away, drops to the floor and searches for a new adventure. I can see the glint in his eye and hear gears in his mind turning. Even though his angelic face makes my heart swell with appreciation I know that in the not too distant future adversity will quickly raise its ugly head. I tell myself that I mustn’t get too distracted because, just like his mother, he has an agenda and it probably involves attacking the dreadful pirates (magazines) that have invaded the bathroom…or discovering the culinary delights of the far east (dogfood).

Godspeed Lucas, courageous warrior of casawex!

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