Sunday, March 13, 2005


8 Mile

There’s a place where guys wear ski-caps even when there ain’t no snow and two-bit academy award winning actresses save their lives by winning at bingo.
It ain’t perfect and everyone wants to leave, somehow-someway, hoping they won’t be stuck there for eternity.
But you got friends you can count on and a boss that you hate, and you rhyme and you rap instead of debate and if you’re good enough you just might clear the slate.

There’s this guy, his name’s rabbit, and he learned long ago to remain empty and blank and just let the insults flow.
To keep his face quiet and still just like a ghost until it’s his time to be an ungracious host
And shut you up, slap you down using words as a weapon 'til you look like a clown with a frown that don’t know what happened.
Then your ears fill with ridicule, taunts and laughter, and all you can do is slink off, tail between your legs, into the hereafter.
And why is this guy with the ghost-stare so fucking together, raised by a rundown brainless deadbeat mother no matter the weather?
She’s jobless, phoneless, makes mistakes, is being evicted. Shit, she can even get her young stud to lick it.
Meanwhile her daughter hides under the table without a father 'til Rabbit comes home and acts the noble brother,
Being the dad she never had, or wait, maybe he’s the dad and that’s why he’s always beating mom’s boys and doesn’t want his friends over at his pad.

I suppose I should be grateful that my life ain’t like his, but let me sum it up real quick, it’s like this.
A constant struggle to keep your anger in check, and falling in love with a girl who looks like a wreck,
A cadaverous whore searching for the best guy to pork who might get her the fastest ticket to New York.
Until a final revelation reminds you that you’re all alone, and can only count on yourself if you want to atone
And move forward in life until you finally get enough respect to get a movie made about you that the masses won’t reject.

(D+) --don't waste your time

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