Saturday, November 28, 2009

22 Months

Love comes to us all and in its many forms we discover a wonderful perspective on life. When Quinn came to us we knew that it was love that was entering our life. It wasn't hard to see and it's not hard to be soft, to love a beautiful little baby with all the tender desire that your heart exquisites. We'd experienced this love before, you see. A magical little guy that we call Lucas. So the love we saw designed in Quinn was bound to understand our hearts and welcome our joy in this world.

But it was unique, this vision that descended upon us, wings golden ruby in the sunlight and Quinn smiled with a different warmth that we'd yet to know. We thought that we'd learned so much over time and grew comfortable in our familial skin but there she brand much a much love to give us new life.

She's a fighter and a feminist and a gargantuan dream and a monster madness after midnight bringing laughter and glow. She is an athlete and an artist and a magical futurist and she's from her home, her land, her growing heart. She is the clouds and the sun and the wind. She is the breath of you and I. She is her own damn irritation and her own rebellious nature and her own revolution. She is change and it is a wondrous idea to see so far beyond ourselves. She is a star, she is a galaxy, she is a monsoon inferno. She is a sibling and a daughter and she clings and she chases and laughs and loves. She cries (often) and she learns (so fast) and she blossoms. She is the glossary of life, a precious vital fluid that forever moves through all of us. She is divine.

I love my Quinn and I love to know that she will always be her own person. I, nor anyone else, can never take that from her. She will always be a dynamic voice in the universe and what is not the expression of life, the expression that is uniquely human, but love? Whar art thou voices that give green to the grass and spill blue upon the sky? I see it all in Quinn because she is so grand and she is deeply intertwined in us all. She is love and that love is now among us.

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