Sunday, February 19, 2006

New Torture Photos

As Sy Hersh original explained over a year ago, there are many more photos regarding the use of torture by the United States military. These have recently been published by an Australian newspaper and, as many have feared, they represent a systematic problem rather than "a few bad apples" as the the Bush Administration would like you to believe.

They are unapologetically tearing down the very functions of our society that pertain to the rule of law and basic human rights, not only throughout the world with the use of questionable methods (torture, rendition, secret prisons) but within the United States as well (warantless wiretaps, undermining civil liberties). They are in the process of developing a new system that will weaken the foundation of human rights, the United States Constitution and anything that functions in the name of equality. This is the agenda of those who are currently in power here in this country.

"the term 'penal torture' a differentiated production of pain, an organized ritual for the marking of victims and the expression of power that punishes; not the expression of a legal system driven to exasperation and, forgetting its principles, losing all restraint. The the 'excesses' of torture, a whole economy of power is invested."
--Michel Foucault from "Punishment and Discipline: The Birth of the Prison"



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