Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Movie Concept #4


So here’s what I think.

We should make a movie that is filmed entirely in the Budapest subway system. Simply because it is so intricately unique and amazing that we won’t need to focus on more demanding issues such as plot. The subway is such a wonderful character all on its own that we won’t even need fully developed characters in our film!

Well, wait, we need to have at least one character and he will represent all of humanity. He will be the limitless potential and disappointment that embodies all of us. His story will simply be one huge metaphor for how we, as human beings, must delve into the underground recesses of our souls to deal with the duality of human nature, Narrowed down to that one ultimate question we must all face.

Good v.s. Evil.

How do we respond?

We represent his evil side with an ominous hooded stranger that pushes people in front of trains and his good side? Why a beautiful young woman who is ready to swoon magically and poetically of course! They are constantly struggling with his psyche; the angel and devil on his shoulders and depending on who wins he will either fall deeper into the pits of hell (aka the bowels of the Budapest subway system) or ascend to the bright world above and find redemption.

Which way should I go? Which way should I go? Murderer or lover? Genius or leper? It all seems so black and white, this question of good versus evil. But is the choice ever as simple as apples and oranges?

2 Stars-At least there's a beautiful girl to pull us out of the doldrums

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