Monday, May 17, 2004

May 17, 1996

Eight years ago I went to a concert at UCSD called SunGod. Reckless behavior from the previous night had left me with a broken collarbone. It was the first time I had ever broken a bone in my body. This left me wishing for a quiet night free from the rowdy activities I engaged in on a regular basis at that point in my life. But my friends wouldn’t allow me to sulk and dragged me out to face the setting sun drunk on Vicatin. In the Round Table Pizza establishment on campus the beer began to flow and my carnal eye began to open. From the patio where we’d settled for the past hour I spotted a beauty with a warm smile and a hand clutching a pitcher of beer escape the internal room of the pizza parlor into the crowded spacious night. I looked away for a moment and when I turned back this woman with dark eyes and flowing hair and her friend were standing before us requesting access to our table. Being the lustful gentlemen that we were, we quickly agreed to their request. Soon we were all sitting around the table engaged in various conversations and maneuvering into plans of voiceless strategy caught up in the minds of each person. Being thoroughly drunk and incapacitated by my injury I kept to myself and quietly observed the others. My eyes kept returning to the lovely person who I was soon introduced to.

Her name was Christina. Whenever I looked away I couldn’t focus on anything that I saw with my eyes because my mind kept seeing her wonderful smile and her divine appearance. I looked back and she was looking right at me, right into me. My body pulsed and my blood boiled. She reached for me beneath the table with her toes and I acknowledged her desire with an equal appetite. She was in the middle of a conversation with a friend of mine and I didn’t want to interrupt. He seemed so desperate and excited, which made perfect sense to me since that’s exactly how I felt every time she struck me with her eyes. At any moment we crossed into each other’s heart with a quick glance or an eager smile and I began to see and understand the future. That night our love was born.

We didn’t stay there long. And to my surprise even though we’d said very little to each other, I knew that Christina and I were sharing a special moment in our lives. As we left the pizza joint, I decided to test the energy of the twilight and waited back, walking slowly behind the others. Christina waited with me and her fingers soon found mine. The rest of the evening was spent in the essence of her. We forgot everything we knew and lost ourselves in each other. I didn’t know what was happening except for the realization that I never wanted this night to end. I’m grateful that it hasn’t. Through trails filled with happiness and tears and extreme passion as well as electric flashes of despair, Christina and I are still living inside what gave birth that night eight years ago.

I will always remember the way that you throw back your head with laughter when joy fills you up like a balloon. I will always hold the caresses you give to me close to my heart. I shall always challenge myself when the light of love fades inside me causing my weaknesses to be exposed. I will always love you, Christina. I will always cherish you like I did that night.



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