Friday, May 14, 2004

RNEP--Bunker Busters

I just sent a message to Congress regarding funding for these horrific weapons. This is my message:

End funding for the Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrator, also known as the bunker buster. New U.S. nuclear weapons will make us less safe by encouraging other countries to rely on nuclear weapons for their security. Anyone who thinks that a nuclear weapon is a viable option for peace and security can only be considered a terrible enemy of humanity. This is because the citizens of the world have an inherent right to live. Whoever threatens that right is the devil. Because of this, it is unconscionable to allow funding for these weapons to continue. I call on you, our representatives, to make the correct decision regarding this funding. You do so out of obligation no only for the citizens of this country, but for all of humanity as well. Godspeed!

Please go to this website and let our representatives know that it is unacceptable for them to work toward the death of humanity.



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