Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Blessings #5

Polica - Give You The Ghost (2012)

He was programmed to bring control to a society that was coming unraveled. They were needed to keep order in a world where people no longer wanted to fight against their neighbors and friends. Those in power needed something else to help them remain on top, so by standing order 5702-341 the clone program went into full effect. Before the year was out there was a new line of defense against the riots that raged outside their gated communities. But no one counted on these designed beings to develop emotions and thoughts of their own. Yes, they looked human, in a way, but it was obvious to differentiate them with their body suits and headsets that were graphed directly into the skin cells. They could thrive on a simple supply of supplement that was injected through a tube and had no reproductive characteristics at all. But their faces resembled humans in every way and that may have been the one failure of their design. It was what lay in the eyes that allowed Kandra to fall in love, or perhaps it wasn't love exactly as some kind of mutual attraction that developed between them. Her heart went out to it when she looked into its eyes, that was all she knew. She wasn't expecting any physical connection to happen at first, maybe just someone to talk to, but it could kiss. It could touch her and before she knew what had happened she was immersed in a very strange companionship. They tried to run away together but they were apprehended and both of them vanished. But they were remembered as the first to break through the chains that were set up to separate humanity. They became a symbol that eventually brought us into the more compassionate and hopeful age that we live in today. We must always remember that no matter what is created to keep us apart, we somehow continue to develop the power to reconnect.

Attack The Block - Joe Cornish (2011)

Kids these days! They just lay about smoking weed, selling drugs and stealing from the good folk of the world. They're just good for nothing hoodlums on a one way ticket to the slammer, destroying the very fabric of our society and bringing down the property value of decent communities. What are we going to do with them? It's hard to find a use for em, is what I say. Except they're pretty good to have a round when a cluster of aliens from outer space plummet to the Earth in search of mating ground. Before we know it, they'll be running around with a vengeance saving our asses from total infestation. I suppose we should simply have some appreciation for the youth that will run things some day. Unlikely heroes, after all.

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