Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blessings #8

Miike Snow - Happy To You (2012)

"I've never heard so much grace in one person before. I listen to the sound of your voice and it's lilting off your tongue. I catch each step that you take and I can only imagine the way that your body moves. I listen to you so close...and it's there, even in the way that you breathe." She grew up dancing, a path laid out by her guardians and for the longest time, she didn't even question the steps that she took. But now she was in her late teens and the pressure had been building for years. The relief valve was somewhere in her head, between her ears and the cartoonish image of clouds of steam coming out of her ears was not so comical anymore. The headaches came on in waves then would depart just as quickly, like the tides rolling along because of something unknown and powerful force that orbited around her. Fortunately, she never felt the pain when she performed. During those moments she was always free from the pressure and the eyes that watched her. People had been watching her for a long time, with a trained eye. Her talent, her beauty and her future. She had come to despise those eyes that laid upon her with all of the sick ambition that came with their twisted minds. Perhaps that was one of the reasons that she came to enjoy his presence. He was so different than her. Large and bulky, a giant of a man but he had a certain grace of his own. He moved quickly and fluid even though the world around him was dark. He was blind, had been since birth, but he had a way of perceiving her far better than anyone else that she had ever known.

 Meek's Cutoff - Kelly Reichardt (2010)

They were alone, split off from the main group at the request of their guide, Stephen Meek but things were turning bad. His confidence for direction was no longer obvious to the travelers. Had they put their faith in the wrong man? Only time will tell. Meanwhile they had to preserve water, food and they hoped, prayed. The environment was beginning to close in on them and they struggled with the untamed landscape, the harsh world under the glare of the sun. Somewhere over the horizon lies the security they long for but it's becoming more and more clear that their guide doesn't know where they are going. Small mutiny rises in their midst, led by the strong-willed Emily and soon they are debating on how best to move on. Then a strange twist falls into their circle. A native who they cannot understand or who does not understand them. Is he a fierce warrior who will lead them to their demise or will he help set them upon the proper way? Meek has only one response. The man must be killed but his voice no longer carries value and Emily, who is becoming a leader, begins to trust the native man. They shall follow him without knowing their destination but how is that any different than where they began? They can follow one who has proven a fool or follow one whose heart they will only discover when they reach the hour of their destination. 

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