Sunday, February 24, 2013

Blessings #9

Metric - Synthetica (2012)

They said that she was incapable of feeling love, that when she was manufactured there was nothing wired into her DNA to provide those sort of feelings. She was only programmed to cause fear, an unstoppable force that changed the way battles were waged. She went out into the world and performed the services that were required of her. But how can you not love once you are able to perceive the beauty that is all around? Each moment that came, only a brief glimpse at first, began to change her. A shudder within the flower. A golden ray of light upon a person's face. A note of music weaving inside her like a dream. A taste of perfection on the tip of her tongue. A touch of magic in the hands of someone who really looked at her. Her reflection in the mirror. The memories that came the longer she survived. Day after day, she experienced life in new and wonderful ways and this allowed her to evolve into someone who is suddenly aware of a different life. Like the soft light that reaches beyond the eastern sky in the morning, she came into being. She found love in everything. She was connected. With this realization came great responsibility. No more hate. No more fear. No more destruction. But one day her life would end. There was a finality programmed into her DNA, a time when she would shut down. Nothing could change that but now that she knew the meaning that so many others knew, she was no longer concerned with mundane notions like death. She had found purpose that was hers alone, beyond the lab, beyond the engineers and they would never know the true perfection of their experiment.

Certified Copy - Abbas Kiarostami (2010)

She was intrigued by what he had to say but did he truly believe in his thesis. Could the copy be just as valuable as the original. Could the fake evolve into meaning. Why not play with the idea and see where it goes. A walk in the Tuscan sun, amongst cobblestones and statuesque fountains. A conversation that twisted into a history that others can perceive in the way they look at one another or walk together with arms clasped. But it can change in an instant, shift into memories that provide tears instead of laughter or resentment instead of appreciation. That's the difficulty of improvisation, the more you explore the more you learn about those who dance along with you. Eventually it may lead to an ultimatum that can become something magical or be lost in the way the wind can take a sound far from your grasp. The bell tolls for all relationships, even those lifetimes that grow and descend within a day. No one truly knows how they will turn when the choice is laid bare before them. To let go with the soft caress lingering on the tip of a finger or to hold on tight, with the type of intensity that lasts forever. Somehow, no matter how it unfolds, the potential for beauty lies within.

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