Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blessings #23

Beirut - The Rip Tide (2011)

In Hungary, near the western shore of Lake Balaton, it is rumored that an ancient relic was hidden long ago. This powerful tool was once considered to be cursed and is thought to be at the root of so many conflicts that pushed all of Europe into a dark age thousands of years ago. The legend says that it came into the hands of a religious sect that had earned great trust among the people of the time and that, after an intense debate on whether the device should be destroyed or buried somewhere to never be discovered again, it was taken into the hills above the lake where it vanished for all time. There are some who say that it was really destroyed all those years agao but now, treasure seekers, along with clandestine groups connected to the rich and powerful, are turning their energy toward discovering this relic. Is it one of the great wonders of the world that has the means to change civilizations or is it a terrible force destined to bring about the last dark age of man? No one knows for sure but it has become the nexus of a growing confrontation that will reveal the true nature of humanity.

We Need To Talk About Kevin - Lynne Ramsey (2011)

Wow. It's hard not to feel some sense of wonder after watching this movie. Horror. Shock, Awe, Stunned. Disgust. Hope. Any of these adjectives are justifiable for what you may feel inside when the final scene is over. This is a powerful display that really jolts the viewer. You cannot walk out of the theater without questioning our society. What answer may come is truly based on the individual but Lynne Ramsey doesn't allow you to just shrug it off and going on your merry little way, whistling Dixie. Those days are long gone in America, anyway. "We Need To Talk About Kevin" is the story about a mother dealing with the aftermath of her child's horrible conduct. From the moment the child is born to the terrible murderous spree in the hallways of his high school, this woman must face the difficult truth that she doesn't understand this being that is of her flesh. We often think that once a baby is born that it is only natural for a mother to immediately bond but sometimes it isn't as natural as we think, especially in our increasingly constructed society of disconnection that is rising up creating walls around everyone and everything. What if a woman doesn't instantly know her child? How do you overcome the fear regarding this lack of instinct that is supposedly so primal? Where does the blurry line of responsibility between parent and child lie? Are we truly responsible for everything that they may do? There are no real answers to these questions as psychologists around the world may attest. After every terrible ordeal, following every tragic act, whether it's done in our name or under the rules of engagement, an era of recovery must occur. That's the true story hidden in this complex film. To see the transformation in Tilda Swinton's eyes by the time she confronts all of the madness happening around her, reminds us all that the only way that we can change anything is to change the way we react to the reflection all around us.

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