Friday, December 28, 2012

Blessings #30

Ume - Phantoms (2012)

Some music just shreds. Guitar bleeding through the membrane in fiery display that leaves you pasted to the floor, so sore that it's impossible to move, to rise up through the stratosphere until a dark energy is revealed and sucked into your lungs with total ambition, with arms spread wide in order to wrap around the world, take it into a bear embrace that feels like the earth will crumble into dust, scattering to the farthest reaches of the universe as seen through the eyes of resolution, a peace that resounds thoroughly through your skull in a throbbing resonance that feels good, dammnit! Not pain but utter blessed joy reverberating across the strings with full abandonment. It's a love affair with music that blasts you, that makes you numb with its undeniable force and you fall into a deep appreciative meditation. We all need to go there every now and then.

Moneyball - Bennett Miller (2011)

When I was a kid I had a million baseball cards. Every year I would buy boxes of cards from Price Club and open every pack with enthusiasm. I memorized each picture and read all the stats on the back until I had a thorough understanding of every player from every team. The doubles were tossed back in the box and then I categorized all the cards by position and then shuffled them to create teams through random selection. I was ten years old and already playing fantasy baseball. I was a stat-head. It seemed so interesting to me to see how the teams fared by combining the stats of the starters along with the supplemental stats from the bench players. It was pretty involved and though it seems crazy to imagine that I used to do that every day after school, it was totally logical to me at the time. I supposed that if I had done the smart thing and went to college to study statistics, then I could have gotten a job with a baseball franchise to help them analyse the progress and potential of players. Then after many years working in the dark corners of florescent rooms, a shift would have happened in how the game of baseball was played. Then a book would have been written and somehow, Brad Pitt of all people would have made a movie about my life. In that fantasy of mine all that I really want is for the movie to be as excellent as this one. Well, maybe that's not all that I would want.

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