Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blessings #24

Sleigh Bells - Reign Of Terror (2012)

Like a knife that slashes right through the skin. You know, one of those bloody violent movie moments that people obsess about but don't know why. Right into the brain killing all the mindless flesh, all the cells that have become useless. It all sloughs away with a shuddering grasp at new life. Then you push through the membrane to find the cool air upon your skin. Clutching, tearing, bursting forth from the shell like a butterfly into that the open void above your head. The one that lifts you or pulls you down, at this point it's hard to know which way is up and what way is down. Or sideways. Or out. Or in. None of it really matters anyway. All that matters is that you have sliced right through to the very core of your being and have finally touched the precious jewel that only you can touch. It's time to hold it aloft so that you can somehow help make this life expand. It's time for life to become more pure. It's time to convert all of that rage and hatred into a sublime force that shines a light on the very heart of the universe.

Untitled - Jonathan Parker (2009)

If you love art. If you've ever gone to an exhibit. If you've ever gone to see music. If you love that human beings have a creative spirit and continually try to tap into that energy in some way or another. If this world interests you in any way whatsoever then I suggest that you go check out this movie. It is a very amusing look at the art world. Adam Goldberg, our favorite hipster grump, plays Adrian, an avant garde musician who despises conventional art. His brother, Josh, is a mediocre artist whose art frequents the walls of hotel lobbies and corporate hallways, in other words, conventional. Josh is dating Madeleine, who runs a chic little gallery in New York but once she hears Adrian's music she realizes that she is a witness to true art. She has a knack for this understanding and knows how to market the pure art form, as well as, schlock like Josh's paintings. This quickly turns into a triangle, of course, and before long they're rethinking their connections to each other, society and art. These relationships that we have with one another are supposed to provide some sort of value for people, after all, but discovering what that truly means is a difficult task. Yet, the process can be very funny if it's done right and Jonathan Parker creates a delightful film by the time the credits role.

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