Thursday, July 17, 2008


Quinn is moving around! Rolling and twisting and squirming and inching her way everywhere. I found her in the playgym on her elbows and knees, so the bug will soon be crawling. I'm not sure how ready we are. The first time around, we were a bit ignorant of all that lay before us but we had a such a beautiful attitude about everything. Even though it was difficult, we strove to embrace it all. Now that Lucas is almost Four, we have so many different challenges that we have to face before Quinn can walk all over us. No matter what anyone says, the second child doesn't fall under the same umbrella we initially called parenthood. It's not quite so new, the spokes kinked at certain spots and the fabric torn here and there, allowing the weather to briskly affect our comfort. She's still a wonderful delight but can I please have a moment with her that is mine and hers alone?

This week, I was able to do just that when their Nana took Lucas for the afternoon and Xtimu went to work. Lately, I've been writing like a mad fool whenever I have a moment free but this time I piddled around and ended up flipping on the all-star game and scooping up my little cherie to hold for a couple hours. It was such a pleasure to communicate solely with her beautiful nature. At six months old, it's an age where their aura brightens and they begin to really let you know who they are. Quinn is a gentle light that fills you with love until you are swollen. My heart was so restful after those two hours that I had a smile on my face for the rest of the night...

...that is, until the National League lost. Bastards!

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