Monday, February 14, 2011

Discovery #3

Warpaint - The Fool (2010)

There's a seething calamitous angry melancholy riding below the surface. It wants to devour everything that exists in the world because of the ravenous plight humanity has unleashed in our lifetime. It causes the red to glare out at the night and threaten with dismay, to pierce through the fog of ignorance that has enveloped all. This entity that rides in the air and searches through its bird's eye view for those responsible beckons with a harsh wail causing all to cower under the reign of terror. There's a part in all of us who waits for the fall. It's the evil nature that resides in our souls, a negative force that curdles around inside, waiting to whisper its nasty message that undermines all hope. It comes in waves, slow and building, until we feel ourselves coming apart at the seams, the thread stretching and straining against the voice. It's natural, this anguish that settles in us, but we don't have to give it access to control. We can harness it and use it to create value. I know it sounds impossible but we always have the means to turn poison into medicine. We simply have to learn the proper alchemy, to twist the elements to our liking. Music does that for me and Warpaint has become my seething voice. I want it to be so loud and all consuming but it never quite gets there. It only teases with its ethereal presence. So I use it, I turn it into a massive poetic force so that I may see the beauty of tomorrow, once again.

Summer Hours - Olivier Assayas (2008)

Olivier Assayas is a filmmaker who is creating valuable and interesting cinema. Summer Hours is a wonderful film that I reviewed earlier in the year on this very blog. It's about family and loss and acceptance. It is a very subdued film that taps into our human interactions with such beauty and clarity that it brings an honest tenor to your heart. I warmly encourage everyone to check it out and look for films like this because they help us understand the world a little better through the strong voice of art.

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