Friday, February 11, 2011

Discovery #4

Christian Scott - Yesterday You Said Tomorrow (2010)

Sometimes you hear music and it feels so definitive that it blows your mind. I believe that there are musicians who tap into a moment that is so primal and powerful that they expand the consciousness of humanity. They create a sound so massive that it will forever blast the immortal refrain. It doesn't happen often and it's not always very obvious when it occurs, like maybe it takes a few years for people to understand the breadth of change that is happening. Christian Scott doesn't have to worry about all of that because he's been getting accolades and prestigious awards for the past year now with this latest album, Yesterday You Said Tomorrow, and for good reason. This is one of those moments and right now, Scott is Jazz music. I remember the first time I understood Jazz music - lying on my sofa in our first apartment after we got married, I smoked a little of the green and put on John Coltrane's A Love Supreme, and the drums echoed their way down into my subconscious so effectively that I saw the purpose of life, I saw the age-old question of human diversity and I saw the dream, and my mind expanded with each beat, with each flow of saxophone delicacy, with every ounce of heart that was wrapped up in Coltrane's madness - It was magnificent! Christian Scott has that energy and he is now showing us the world through the lens of enlightenment. He is offering a brief awareness of the spiritual wonder of music.

I Am Love - Luca Guadagnino (2010)

Uh, how do you say "WOW" and truly mean it? Christina and I like to cook and there are times when we've accomplished a truly amazing feat in the oven. The taste enters your mouth and it's an awakening. It helps you love this life a little more. There is a moment in this film when Tilda Swinton experiences that feeling and once it happens, she can never go back. And why would she go back? To her enormously wealthy family? To her massive and lush home? To her incredible privilege? How can all of that compete with the heart? It never will if you seek happiness in this life. This movie is lush and beautiful and lovely and hard for those involved. It expresses a very primal understand that we need to feel alive in order to live if we are to ever appreciate this small place given to us. Nothing lets us feel that way but love. The bloom that waits in the burst of the bud is where it waits. We have to allow it to come forth, to give ourselves this gift. It's terribly sad when we don't let it come out, when we delude ourselves that this life has other meaning. There are so many tempting devices to distract us, after all. Yet, we truly know in our hearts that there is only one path, one outcome that can touch the heat in our veins. We have to grab it and cherish it because it really is the only thing that makes us feel majestic.

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