Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quinn Noodle

When Lucas was born four years ago we eventually sent out compact discs of a mix that, we thought, embodied our joy at creating such a wonderful life. Quinn has just turned one-year-old
and since we never sent out an announcement or a music mix of any kind, I thought I would make one here.

1. Beautiful Night-Ani DiFranco
2. In The Morning-Norah Jones
3. Heroine-Blonde Redhead
4. Moon Child-M83
5. How We Breathe-Pinback
6. Miss Q'n-Zap Mama
7. Special-Mew
8. Sweet Thing-Van Morrison
9. You Are My Face-Wilco
10. Clean Heart-Sade
11. Happiness-Goldfrapp
12. Long Life To You My Friend-Bliss

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